The popularity of Winder injection-moulded foils goes beyond the boats that we build, including Contenders, Javelins, Kestrels, Larks, National 12s, Ospreys, Scorpions and Flying fifteens.

Our rudder blades and centreboards are injection-moulded carbon or kevlar foam sandwich (depending on your class rules) providing a consistantly stiff and strong foil.

Tillers come in aluminium or carbon and our stocks have kevlar or carbon options.

Lifting rudders

generic-liftingWe make and stock lifting rudders for the following classes;

  • Contender lifting rudder blade and stock (25m)
  • Fireball lifting rudder blade and stock(25m)
  • GP14 lifting rudder blade and stock
  • Javelin lifting rudder blade and stock (25m)
  • Kestrel lifting rudder blade and stock (25m)
  • Lark lifting rudder blade and stock (25m)
  • Merlin Rocket lifting rudder blade and stock (28m)
  • Mirror lifting rudder blade and stock
  • National 12 non-foiling lifting rudder blade and stock (25m)
  • Osprey lifting rudder blade and stock (25m)
  • Scorpion lifting rudder blade and stock (25m)
  • Solo lifting rudder blade and stock

Fixed rudders

We build and stock fixed rudders for the following classes;

  • Fireball fixed rudder
  • Flying fifteen rudder (made to fit your boat and can be built at any angle)
  • GP14 fixed rudder
  • Javelin fixed rudder
  • Kestrel fixed rudder
  • Lark fixed rudder
  • Merlin Rocket fixed rudder
  • Mirror fixed rudder
  • National 12 fixed rudder
  • Osprey fixed rudder
  • Scorpion fixed rudder


solo-centreboardWe make and stock centreboards for the boats that we build;

  • Fireball centreboard
  • GP14 centreboard
  • Merlin Rocket centreboard
  • Mirror centreboard
  • Solo centreboard