The key to a fast Fireball is a stiff and light hull, built to the minimum permitted rocker. At Winder Boats we can do this because of our use of cutting edge technology which means we can build them consistently flat, strong and stiff.

The information below is for our ‘Championship’ boat which comes with;

  • Harken or Allen fittings,
  • Selden spars
  • and Pinnel and Bax sails.

We also offer Super Spars and a range of other sailmakers.


The hull is resin infused oven baked epoxy foam sandwich with an epoxy foam sandwich deck. The inner and outer skins of the hull moulding in the bow tank are of Kevlar. All our hulls are post-cured which ensures rigidity across a wide temperature range. Standard colour is silver grey deck and hull (other colours are available).



Our ‘Championship’ spec boats comes with Harken or Allen fittings as follows;

  • 16:1 kicker lead to mainsheet duocam.
  • The following controls are lead to the helm;
    • Jib leech
    • Pole height
    • Cunningham
    • 14:1 jib halyard tension
    • Mainsail clew
  • Track and plunger adjustment for jib sheeting angle
  • Chocks to control lower mast bend
  • 2:1 pump system for spinnaker halyard with spinnaker stowed in P&B bags.


generic-liftingThe Winder foils and rudderstock are minimum weight built from Kevlar, glass and epoxy foam sandwich and are taken from exceptional moulds.


Spars are by Selden as standard, and our hybrid spinnaker pole has the strongest ends with the lightest tube. Mast rake is set by fast pin slotted plate adjustment on low stretch shrouds and trapeze gear is to customer requirements.


The boat is fully calibrated, weight corrected, measured and normally supplied with Pinnel and Bax dacron sails, though laminate, or other makes of sails, can be supplied with price adjustment.


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