A Winder boat is built not just to win a championships (and they do, regularly) but they are built to last whether its;

  • a state of the art Merlin Rocket tweaked to perfection,
  • a Championship Fireball which is stronger, stiffer and lighter than ever before,
  • a training GP14 built to withstand some bumps and scrapes,
  • a Club Mirror with rowlocks and an outboard bracket
  • or one of the two popular Solos.

Winder Boats started out with crafting wooden Merlin Rockets and Fireball’s, before going into production with the Fireballs. The first composite Fireball came out of Winder Boats in 1989 and as our reputation grew the fleet of Winder built boats developed to include National 12s (1997), Merlin Rockets (1998), Solos (2000), Mirrors (2007), GP14s and Solos (2010).

The people behind Winder Boats

Guy Winder started his boat building career (and Winder Boats) in the garage at home in 1976 having trained as a production engineer in the aerospace industry. His airplane background ensured an attention to detail and level of accuracy second to none in the marine industry – an ethos that continues to this day.

David Winder started straight from school in 1986 and now leads the team in ensuring that Winder Boats continues to develop and innovate, and retain its position as one of the UK’s most succesful independent dinghy builders.

Sarah Winder is the glue that keeps Winder Boats together, taking control of the admin and finance.

Winder Boats also employs;

  • Steve Dennison
  • Matt Calvert
  • Joe Cooke
  • Jordan Carter