With a choice of two different hull shapes, each built to the same exceptional standard we are continually developing our build technique to ensure our customers get the best. Recent developments include an improved deck/floor moulding which means no join and as such, no weak point or leaking.

The difference between the two hulls comes down to your weight, where and/or how you sail but put simply they are as follows;

Mark 1;

  • Maximum waterline length, minimum rocker and minimum beam
  • Suits open water
  • Lighter sailor (up to 85kg)

Mark 2

  • More rocker, a fuller bow and more V in the hull
  • Suits inland water as it tacks quicker and is more forgiving
  • Carries more weight

The information below is for our ‘Complete’ boat which comes with Harken fittings, Selden mast, HD Dacron sail. We also offer Allen fit-outs, Super Spars and a range of other sailmakers.


Moulded from epoxy foam sandwich the hull is very light yet enormously stiff. They are jig-assembled in the mould to ensure accuracy and consistency and the hand-layed epoxy is done by the same skilled team who have been building Merlins for years.

The decks are resin infused and all our hulls are post-cured which ensures rigidity across a wide temperature range.


Our ‘Complete’ boats comes with the following as standard;

  • Harken fittings,
  • Kicker, outhaul, cunningham all continuous,
  • Padded toe straps cleated near the thwart,
  • Continuous Micro traveller System

There are options to include;

  • Righting lines
  • Extra purchase on the cunningham
  • Xtreme angle fairleads
  • Inhaul control
  • Allen slotted adjuster plate and fast pin on forestay
  • Harken swivel and ratchet for main
  • Boom out elastic


Foils are moulded for absolute consistency of shape and stiffness, the moulds being taken from master plugs made with all our extensive foil making experience.

The complete boat comes with Winder centreboard and rudder.


The boat comes with a Selden mast. Super Spars are also available.



The boat is normally supplied with HD Dacron sails.

Laminate, 3DL and other sailmakers are also available.


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