The Winder Lark… info to come


Moulded from epoxy foam sandwich the hull is very light yet enormously stiff. They are jig-assembled in the mould to ensure accuracy and consistency using the same materials and building techniques as we use for our world championship Fireball and Mirror and National championship winning Merlin Rocket and Solo. All our hulls are post-cured which ensures rigidity across a wide temperature range. Standard colour is silver grey deck and hull (other colours are available).


Our ‘Complete’ boats comes with the following as standard;

  • Continuous kicker and cunningham (cleated at the front of the crew)
  • Pole height, centreboard uphaul and 12:1 rig tension (cleated on the case side of the boat)
  • 4:1 Mainsheet with ratchet
  • Jib fairleads adjustment to crew
  • twinners across the boat


Foils are moulded for absolute consistency of shape and stiffness, the moulds being taken from master plugs made with all our extensive foil making experience. The complete boat comes with a Winder centreboard and lifting rudder.


The boat comes with Selden spars. Other mast suppliers are also available.



The boat is normally supplied with HD Sails laminate main, Dacron jib and spinnaker or North Sails Dacron main, jib and spinnaker, but other sailmakers are available.

It comes measured, weight corrected and calibrated, ready to win.


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